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Lichtenberg & Resin Woodwork

To achieve the effect of these Lichtenberg pieces, 2000 volts of electricity are shot through wood using an electrolyte solution, then scrub out the charred wood and fill the gaps with gorgeous, customisable coloured resin and pigment mix.

The Ocean Resin Woodwork is a skilled application of Resin to wood, creating an amazing visual of the ocean waves, effective more so because of teh colour of the oak representing the sand…

A mixture of solid Scottish oak and colourful, shimmery resin is used to create these products.

These items have been made using resin, wood (oak) and butchers block oil.

They have little soft, sticky feet to protect any surface you’d like to put them on.

Each piece is made to order and 100% handmade so allow for some differences in the work. Each burn differs completely from the last.

Sizes are approximate


Wipe clean with a damp cloth, do not submerge or put in the dishwasher!

You must stay on top of oiling the piece if it is to be used for food as when the oil wears off the piece become susceptible to warping!

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